Employee Wellness Programs

We understand how important it is to have physically and mentally healthy employees show up. Every aspect of your team’s results depends on what each person brings to work with them, which makes your employee wellness programs critical.

Snowfly’s gamification and incentives systems are perfectly designed to let you create custom employee wellness programs for your organization. The gamification aspect makes it interesting for your team, increasing the use of your wellness program. Incentives keep things interesting, giving each person a tangible reason to keep coming back. Your Snowfly wellness program will make it easy to measure, track, and reward each person who puts effort into your wellness program.

Whether you have a smoking cessation program, a weight loss program, a walking challenge, or you want to motivate your employees to really use their vacation time (a wellness benefit that is often neglected), Snowfly can help.

Remember, your employee wellness programs are in place to increase employee satisfaction, employee performance, and your company brand. These are real benefits that can impact your bottom line.

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Employee Wellness Programs Impact Your Culture

Because Snowfly is so flexible, we can usually accommodate even the weirdest, or most complex wellness program. We can help manage, track, reward, and incentivize your employees to improve their lives.

When your employees improve their lives they will be healthier, mentally and physically. Studies show they’ll perform better at work, increasing employee performance and employee satisfaction. As your employees work on getting healthier, your company culture will get healthier.

Whether you implement a corporate wellness program to save costs on insurance premiums or to boost morale and improve culture, Snowfly Incentives is the tool you’ve been looking for. We’d love to hear about your program, and talk about ways we can help automate it.

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