Measure. Reward. Repeat.

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Where other technology vendors apply a limited interpretation to their definition of “gamification” in their tools, Snowfly continues to innovate and prove that our original application of gamification principles is the most effective at producing long-term financial benefits & results.

SUCCESS STORY: Major Hotel Brand Call Center Case Study

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A 600 person call center for a large multi-national hotel chain needed a program that could: Reward achievement of corporate performance objectives. Provide a structure whereby managers are able to give out rewards at their own discretion based on performance levels and real-time individual achievements. Create a way in which …

The Incentive You Can’t Count On…

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Incentive programs should be designed to achieve a company’s objectives, reward the participant and get the most from the program budget. Research shows that variable rewards drive greater program engagement, increase motivation, and improve emotional response to being rewarded. Every incentive program should be specific and individual to your company. Your culture, your history, your product, your market and your services all play an important role in how you design your incentive program.