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Employee Engagement Program That Improves Performance, Satisfaction, and Engagement To Put Your Data in Action!

Not all gamification works. Ours does. Want to find out why?

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Main Features

  • Gamification!!!
  • Employee Engagement
  • Kudos, Supervisor, & Peer Recognition
  • Transcriptions & Speech Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Performance Engagement & Improvement
  • Leaderboards, Competitions, & Badges
  • Wellness Engagement & Incentive Programs
  • Automated & Manual Quality Monitoring
  • Process Improvement & Integrations
  • Data Aggregation and Visualization

Employee Engagement, Gamification, Speech and Text Analytics, and Prize/Reward Fulfillments!

Our products are designed to create, implement, and manage effective, long-term, and meaningful Incentive and Gamification programs. Our solutions will help you achieve and improve your business objectives, whether that’s employee retention, improved company culture, better performance, employee satisfaction, or all of the above.

Do you have KPIs and metrics you want to improve? Snowfly Performance can help you get there and have a FUN time doing it and you’ll love working with our world-class team!

Drucker said something like “what gets measured gets improved.” We say:

What gets recognized gets improved!


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Why Snowfly

Why We Are Different

Since 1999 Snowfly has pioneered employee incentive software, based on the thought leadership of Dr. Brooks Mitchell, founder of Snowfly. We’ve seen employee incentive companies come and go, mostly because they focus on flash and sizzle instead of the psychology of human motivation.

At Snowfly, we pride ourselves on our customer longevity and actual use of our employee incentive system. Employees find Snowfly fun and engaging. Managers see measurable results.

What may look like a simple gamification system with peer and manager recognition, reward fulfillment, and even games is actually driven by principles that are designed to help your business see measurable results with business objectives. That’s what matters to us!

If you are managing your employee incentives program with a spreadsheet you definitely need to reach out to us. Our team can help you set up the best incentives program based on our decades of experience with customers in various industries and all sizes. Whether you use Snowfly Incentives for increasing employee satisfaction, employee performance, building culture, even your employee wellness program, you should see measurable results quickly!

The bottom line is that we focus on your business results and deliver an incentives system that your employees will actually like using. That’s part of our success to keeping customers as long as we have, while we hear about so many others who have had failed incentives implementations.

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Why Incentives Work

If you have tried to do incentives at your organization and failed, you are not alone. We hear about failed programs all the time. Everyone knows that incentives work, they just aren’t sure how to make an incentives program work for their company!

We take our decades of experience to help you create the right program for your organization. We’ve seen successes and failures with incentives programs and installations and will help you avoid the pitfalls. Combine our experience with our quick-start setup templates, our ability to customize just about everything, and a hyperfocus on your organizational objectives, and you get a winning solution!

What Snowfly Brings To You

Snowfly brings decades of experience in the employee performance and employee satisfaction space as well as our proprietary technology to deliver an incentives experience that you are going to love. We have all of the standard features you would expect from an incentives package, and then some. Our focus is on your successful rollout, adoption of the system, and your success. We want your users to be happy and we want to make you look good. Let our experience help you avoid failure with an incentives rollout, and get real results!

  • Positive Behavior Modification
  • Real-Time Incentive Fulfillment
  • Gamification
  • Easy Administrative Oversight
  • User Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Speech Analytics
  • Customer Loyalty
  • User Engagement Suite
  • Progress Bars & Leaderboards
  • International Programs
  • Performance Metrics
  • Customized Reporting
  • Sophisticated BudgetingTools
  • Safety & Wellness Programs
  • Multi-Language Options
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“Love Snowfly
Pros: Quick, easy, and our team members love it.
Cons: None really."

“Snowfly Makes it Easier for us to do spot bonuses/rewards. Before Snowfly we were handing out scratch tickets and gift cards which were very hard to track and manage. Snowfly allows managers to quickly tell us who needs additional points and we can deliver to our reps instantaneously.”

Real EstateClient for 3 years

"We incorporated Snowfly into our organization about three years ago and we love it. I have over 600 employees and it is definitely a quick way to recognize and motivate the team.”

TelecommunicationsClient for 4 years

“Thank you for your awesome customer service, I've had a few issues the last 2 month's and you responded right away and told me what to do. Since I work in customer service, I understand how difficult complaints are. I'm very happy with the service provided to me to resolve my issues. Kudos to your staff.”

Health InsuranceUser for 3+ years

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