An Innovative Approach to Employee Motivation and Recognition in Today’s Workplace

After years of researching human behavior and employee motivation, Dr. Brooks Mitchell founded Snowfly in 1999, with the understanding that organizations should capitalize on the direct link that exists between behavior modification and consistent positive reinforcement. Snowfly is based around the FACTS that employees are any organization’s most valuable resource and work should be fun.

Snowfly Gamification Program – Model

Gamification Incentive and Recognition Programs

Snowfly Managed Incentive Programs Incorporate the Following Priniciples

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The videos below will provide a concise overview of Snowfly IncentiveManagement Software and how it can be utilized.

Snowfly in less than 2 Minutes.

This quick animation provides a basic understanding of how Snowfly Incentive Technology works to motivate your workforce.

Archived Webinar Event – Employee Incentives: The Evidence and the Myths

This archived webinar event features guest presenter Dr. Richard Clark, a leading authority on how to effectively utilize incentives to improve human performance. Dr. Clark highlights some of the latest research on workforce incentives and demonstrates how it can be applied to an incentive program of any size or scope to generate the business results your organization needs.

Funny Snowfly Commercial

A entertaining story that explains why some organizations must have a Snowfly Facilitated Incentive Program