Snowfly Selections: Weighted Application Blanks of the Future

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weighted application blanks of the future

Hiring Process Funnel

For many years, Weighted Application Blanks (WABs) have been in use in the business world to evaluate prospective candidates for employment based upon quantitative data comparisons as opposed to the standard “gut feel” approach most hiring managers and interviewers use. The power of the WAB is that all candidates are measured against the same known metrics and when hiring managers change, the application process remains the same. But what if the WAB could get smarter over time? What if there was a way to develop a WAB questionnaire which used the results of each and every candidate who was hired, took their performance results over time, and the questionnaire itself automatically adjusted the weighting of the questions so that the process became more and more efficient? Well, Snowfly has done just that.

Snowfly’s esteemed company founder, Dr. Brooks Mitchell, PhD, developed the world’s first electronic WAB several decades ago and pioneered the idea of using computers to revolutionize the hiring process of many companies when he founded Aspen Tree Software Company. We here at Snowfly are very proud to announce that the technology behind Aspen Tree Software is being brought back to the public. Through our newest proprietary software tool, Snowfly Selections, we have created a platform which applies the techniques of traditional Weighted Application Blanks partnered with the sophisticated learning capabilities of modern computer-based algorithms to develop questionnaires which actually learn over time. In other words, we can help your team develop and implement a questionnaire which removes human bias from the hiring process which, over time, after analyzing the successes and failures who are hired, our software will continue to improve its efficiency and eventually hone in on the specific individuals who have the highest probability of being successful in that specific role.

Snowfly Selections will be a powerful asset to your Human Resources and Hiring Manager’s teams as they attempt to staff your company with the best possible candidates for your job openings. Selections has the ability to identify cultural fits for your organization, to evaluate work habits of potential hirees, key biographical and behavioral indicators, and much more. Give us a call today at (877) 766-9359 or send us an email at to learn more about Weighted Application Blanks, Snowfly Selections, and our innovative Incentive programs as well.

For more general information and an explanation of Weighted Application Blanks, please check out this link provided by Eastern Kentucky University.

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