Effective Employee Recognition Is Feedback

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effective employee recognition is feedback

Have you ever gone to work and wondered if what you contribute matters? That’s what I’ve been thinking about, and what prompted me to write this post that effective employee recognition is actually feedback.

When you recognize something bad your employee does, you are giving them feedback (like, “Don’t do that again.”)

When you recognize something good your employee does, you are giving them feedback (like, “That was awesome. Do it again!”)

Effective employee recognition could be done online. For example, Snowfly’s employee recognition system is used by managers and peers alike to tell a colleague that they did something awesome. Or, it could be done in a one-on-one, or in a team or company meeting. Of course, perhaps the most effective employee recognition is done in multiple places, multiple times (not overdoing it, obviously).

Effective Employee Recognition Should Reinforce Positive Behavior

From the beginning of Snowfly, we’ve talked about how manager and peer recognition is important because it brings out, and reinforces, positive behavior. We’re not talking about bribing employees so they do good things, we’re talking about recognizing good behaviors and showing that those are important to the organization. As more positive feedback is shared, more people tend to exhibit the behaviors that are being rewarded.

Think about the time a boss said something good about the work you have done. How did you feel? Wasn’t it nice to hear something positive?

I’m not saying we all work in negative environments and we need a positive word here and there. I’m suggesting, though, that everybody, in any environment, will take your recognition as feedback. When faced with decisions or opportunities, they’ll likely make decisions based on past feedback.

If you were upset when they tried something and failed, they are more likely to take less risks. That’s because the feedback you gave them, the recognition, was that you didn’t appreciate them taking risks, or making those kinds of decisions. Why try if you know a consequence of failing is that you will get negative feedback?

If you were appreciative of them taking risks, and showed that appreciation even when they failed, don’t you think they are going to take more risks?

If you want to have a more effective employee recognition system, one that is actually a system and not some random comment by a random good manager, let’s talk. We’ve been helping organizations improve employee behavior, and employee productivity, for years. We’ll take what we’ve learned from various industries and help you create an effective employee recognition system that changes with your needs and grows with you. Most importantly, we’ll help you create and monitor a system that will influence what your employees do, and the value they contribute.

Ready? Reach out here and let’s get on a demo.

Jason Alba

Jason Alba

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