Learning Games and Gamification: Why?

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We’ve recently been in some very interesting conversations with some brilliant, strategic, and intentional leaders talking about “learning games.”

People come to Snowfly to talk about any type of game because we are a gamification company, and have different games in our incentives and rewards platform. It’s not that we just have games, though. We have spent a lot of time focusing on engaging users in our platform. The average length of time our clients spend with us is OVER six years. That is pretty significant considering most incentive programs have a 3 month engagement period.


You’ll spend multiples of three months just looking for and evaluating gamification and incentive systems. And then your team only uses it for 90 days (0r less). That should be unacceptable.

Learning Games Can Be Effective

The answer is not to throw the baby out with the bath water. We’ve talked to CEOs who have said that “incentive systems fail, so let’s not do it.” Instead of completely ditching it, why not figure out why Snowfly’s clients tend to stay 24 times longer than the average incentive client?

Back to learning games. We understand training and central communication. This is why Snowfly has modules and tiles that help clients with onboarding new employees, as well as spreading training videos and other medium to their team. Of course, watching or reading those trainings is part of the gamification and incentives system. It’s critical that leaders get reports on who has watched certain training videos. Leadership gets reports and team members get incentives. It’s win-win.

This is, at the core, “learning games.” But the learning games we’ve been talking about are a bit different. They would be custom games for very specific learning games for very specific skills. Before we dig too deep into what the learning games are, we want to know WHY the learning games are. Why do you want them? What do you hope to accomplish? How will they contribute towards your organizational goals?

We think the main reason you want learning games is to, again, engage your team. It might make sense to go to a traditional LMS (which we are not) and create or add games there than to Snowfly, if what you want are learning games.

But if your goal goes beyond learning games, and into engagement, we have other ideas. Games? Sure. Learning experiences? Of course. Can Snowfly build learning games for you? Yes. For a price.

But first we’ll talk about your objectives. Maybe learnings games will be as ineffective as the traditional incentives programs (not ours, of course). You’ll spend a lot of money on them and within 90 days they’ll be thrown out.

Our focus is on your objectives. Once we learn about your objectives we’ll dig into what the right solutions look like. It might be games. There might be learning aspects to it. But it might be videos, or text, with gamification. This can lead to accountability and reporting to ensure your leadership your team is presented effective learning tools. When we tie that experience in with our gamification and incentives tools, you’ll have a team that keeps coming back, even after 90 days. And that sounds like a pretty good outcome.

Want to talk more about your objectives, gamification, training, and incentives that actually work? Need to learn more about learning games? We have a lot of opinions about all of this stuf, and how learning games fits in to create your engagement and culture strategy. This can be as simple as it is complex. We know a blog post or article can’t help you work through all the nuances. We’d love to talk. Reach out to us here:

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