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You can Lead a horse to Water….

By March 27, 2013 No Comments

….but you can’t make him drink….. however it will help if you put some Scotch in it. The revised ending is credited to the late comedian George Gobel. We all see numerous conferences, webinars, blogs and newsletters that offer very useful information about proper hiring, pre-employment screening, the right metrics to measure, improving call quality and first call resolution, customer retention and many other highly relevant topics. The problem is that once you learn what to do, how do you motivate and incent your agents to consistently strive and achieve the KPI’s that drive your bottom line? All the articles, etc. stop at the water’s edge and don’t discuss how and where to administer the “Scotch.” The answer (or the Scotch) is that a properly created and administered incentive program can improve KPI’s by at least 20% if you spend 1% to 1½% of payroll on incentives. That’s an ROI that should make even the most tight-fisted CEO take immediate notice. Every time you attend a conference or webinar or read an article about improving customer service, sales or collections ask yourself how well your present incentive program performs and the amount of care & feeding that is required to administer it. If you haven’t recently compared its effectiveness and efficiency, you should do so.

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