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Do You Have an Active Employee Engagement Strategy (Less than 25% Do)

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Active Employee Engagement Strategy

There is a great thread on Twitter by @MrJacobEspi with 4 ideas to create an active employee engagement strategy. I like his ideas, although I’m not sure if those are the top four I’d share. But his four are just fine… and the comments on this thread are insightful.

I’m sure you could come up with your most important four, we could come up with our most important four, and perhaps they would shift over time and under different circumstances (organizational growth, economic climate, etc.). I want to focus on the critical parts of the concept of an active employee engagement strategy.

I should mention that it’s kind of disappointing that employee engagement has been a big topic for decades but less than 1 out of every 4 organizations have an active employee engagement strategy?? COME ON, people. We can do better. Especially if we actually believe that employees, our team, people, are important and even critical for our organizational success.

Focus on the “engagement” part of active employee engagement strategy

Too often we see organizations that know they need this thing called “engagement,” perhaps because they read about it in a best-practices article, or heard some HR guru talk about it at a conference. But once they buy an engagement program, they think they can cross it off their list and move on to other things.

So, are you engaged? How well are you doing? Perhaps you start with an employee engagement survey (we have a cool approach for this that goes beyond a normal survey).

Engagement is long-term. Before you start talking about tactical ways to increase employee engagement, I want you to think about the strategy part of an employee engagement strategy.

Active Employee Engagement Strategy - talk through the strategy

What are your goals? How would you make employee engagement a part of your DNA for years, decades, to come?

Figure out your strategy and then assess which tactics can help you move forward with that strategy.

The employee engagement specialists at Snowfly have been doing this for years. Collectively, decades. Each person on our team, who interfaces and consults about this with our customers, is experienced. They’ve been doing this with many organizations, teams within organizations, industries, etc. We work with organizations who have very small budgets and organizations who have very robust employee rewards and engagement budgets.

Before you spend too much time buying books or taking hours of classes about employee engagement, and creating an active employee engagement strategy, give us a call! We’d love to learn about the issues you are dealing with, your ideas, and then share ideas from our experience and exposure. If possible, we’d love to partner with you and help you create an employee engagement experience that works, lasts, and meets your objectives.

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