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Employee Engagement Software Is Just Software

By October 4, 2021 October 5th, 2021 No Comments
Employee Engagement Software by Snowfly

Employee engagement software is what we specialize in. But there’s something absolutely critical to understand: software is just software.

Left alone, it will do nothing. Same with any software…. from word processors to spreadsheets to your accounting system, if you don’t do anything with the software, it’s useless.

Have you ever seen statistics about the adoption (or failure) of CRM systems within an organization? My numbers might be outdated but the last I saw it was somewhere in the 80 percent that FAILED. That is atrocious. Can you imagine being the person who recommended a CRM system so your sales team was more effective, only to have 8 out of 10 salespeople not use it? Or, your changes of failure at the organizational level were 80%? That would be embarrassing.

Employee Engagement Software Can Be Simple or Complex

How it functions, how it looks, what it does, none of that matters unless you actually use it. When everyone uses it. Imagine having employee engagement software that no one engages with (read more on that here).

One of the most important keys to ensure a successful rollout of your employee engagement software is that leadership, from the very top down to the supervisor over one person, uses and endorses it. They must know you have the system, how and why people employees use it, and why continued use can only help improve the metrics real employee engagement impacts: increased performance, increased satisfaction, increased retention, improved employer brand, etc.

If you have the simplest of programs, that could be okay. I’d rather you have a simple program that has leadership support than a complex¬† program that does more but leadership doesn’t acknowledge or endorse. It would be like having a computer without a keyboard and mouse. Powerful, very powerful, but unused.

Employee Engagement Software and Counseling

Internally we have an interesting analogy to help us understand we are more than an employee engagement software company. Ryan Dietrich uses an analogy of Snowfly being like renting a psychologists office. You can go to a psychologist for help with your marriage but you can’t expect marriage counseling to solve your marriage problems.

You go to marriage counselors to get an expert to tell you something you will believe because they, as experts, should know. But then you have a very important step: doing what they recommend. Change requires action, not just information. You need both.

Action without direction is chaos.

Direction without action is just wasted money on the advice.

At Snowfly we recognize that we could simply give you the tools and expertise to affect positive changes. We literally could talk to you for hours, consult with you, give you the answers you need (or help you get to the right answers). But, the next step is for you to implement the knowldge and tools and really use them.

Why does any employee engagement software program fail? Because you can buy the software, you can even customize it, but if you don’t effectively launch and take care of the program, you’ll lose users. You’ll lose their interest and eventually you’ll lose their trust.

We work hard to ensure our customers have a successful installation. We work hard to ensure your program survives the first few critical months, and every month after. We regulary talk with clients who need some time with our onboarding and support team to talk about ideas to increase engagement, increase use of the system, improve the branding and messaging, and again, get to those metrics this system is meant to improve.

So there you go. We admit it: we have employee engagement software that could be useless. That’s why we want you to think of Snowfly as much more than a software company. Think of us as your consultants, your partners, in creating an amazing and effective employee engagement program that is a hallmark of your organization.

We’re here to help you be extremely successful. When you are successful, we are delighted.

Sound like a partner you want to have? Let’s talk!

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Jason Alba

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