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Speech Analytics Is Definitely Not Transcription Services

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Snowfly Speech Analytics Is Not Transcription

This week the big Google announcement is their new phone, the Pixel 4. In this local news article they talk about one of the big features that comes with this phone, a transcription app. This is the headline to that article:

“The biggest surprise of Google’s Pixel event is a transcription app. Here’s how it works”

If you haven’t really looked into speech analytics, it might seem that it is just fancy transcription. Saying speech analytics is transcription is like saying a paper airplane is mass transportation.

With transcription you get a really cool service: audio becomes text.

Hopefully, the text is accurate, and even has some formatting. But that’s about it. Transcription gives you the script.

Is this helpful? Absolutely. Some people prefer to read or skim instead of listen to an entire audio. When I see a 60 minute podcast that has a text transcription, I can easily skim through in much less than 60 minutes. I fly through the introductions and small talk, looking for key talking points or company names or topics. This is helpful for me to cut down the amount of time I need to invest in that particular podcast, and it’s very helpful for my friends who are hard of hearing, so they can actually get the information.

There’s nothing wrong with transcription.

But transcription is not speech analytics.

Speech analytics takes the transcript and does wonderful, magical things.

Let’s say you work in a call center, or run a sales floor. There are certain things you know your agents should always say on every call, or should sometimes say, or should never say. Let’s call these triggers.  You could look look through a transcript for every instance of what they should or could say and determine whether they did a good job. Or, you could look for things they should never say, and determine whether they need training or perhaps discipline.

Assuming you use the control-f function in word, you could likely find what you are looking for easily. But multiple that times all the calls your agent does, and multiply that times 10 or 100 or 500 agents, and there’s really no way you are going to effectively understand how well or how poorly those calls are going. You’ll probably look like this the more you do this tedious work:

Snowfly Speech Analytics Is Not Transcription

You will certainly miss opportunities for optimization just as much as you will miss red flags that need to be addressed.

This is where speech analytics comes in. During the setup we determine, with you, what the key words and phrases are that you are looking for. You could look for a dozen, or dozens, or hundreds of key words and phrases, but we recommend you start small and grow from there. Together, we walk through this process of figuring out what we are looking for in every call. We set this up in the system and then after every call we run a serious of complex algorithms (much more complex than a control-f in Word) to see when and where your agents used those phrases.

The end result is that every call receives a score… which can be as simple as an A, B, C, D, or F. You can do many things with these scores, which you get almost instantaneously. For example, you can set up alerts to notify a supervisor of the Ds and Fs so they can address issues immediately. You can see trends based on agents, or issues, or scores. You can identify consistent problem areas that need training. And, something we at Snowfly love, you can easily integrate the scores into your incentives and recognition system. Have an agent who consistently scores As on his or her calls? Give them immediate positive reinforcement and feedback! Let them know you are aware of their success, appreciate them, and oh by the way, here’s a little something for your great performance!

If you want to see Snowfly Speech Analytics in action, reach out to us. We’d love to show you what it looks like for agents, supervisors, and management. We’d love to show you the reports and trends, and even the data integrations we can do with your BI systems. We’d love to talk about how this can increase sales (if you run a sales team, by this point you should be salivating over this). We’d love to talk about how this can increase effectiveness in a call center and improve the culture. We’d also love to brag about our pricing, which is designed to help small and medium sized businesses and organizations finally get access to technology that has only been available to large budget organizations. And we’d love to talk about how and why working with Snowfly is different than working with other software providers.

Reach out to us and let’s schedule some time! Click here and we’ll get started.

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