We All Want Employee Recognition at Work

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employee recognition at work leads to engagement

Well, Time magazine gets it. They wrote this article: The Recognition We All Want at Work. It’s all about employee recognition at work.

I’m going to be honest with you… if you click over there and read 10 words in you’ll see two words that should keep every owner, manager, and leader up at night with chills:

Actively disengaged.

Click on that link and you see a shocking number: 34%. Let’s invert that number, though, for the scary shocker… it says 34 people are engaged employees which means that 66% are actively disengaged.

employee recognition at work leads to higher employee engagementWhat kind of twilight zone are we working in where only one out of three employees are actively engaged? How is it that two out of three employees are actively disengaged?


We’ve seen engagement issues for years. People come to Snowfly to help increase employee engagement. Not only do we have ways to monitor employee engagement but we have tools to help increase engagement. Customers have come to us for years before the pandemic. Everyone knows employee engagement at work is a critical issue. They talk about how important their people are… human capital is the core of their organization.

When two-thirds of your team is not engaged you have a serious issue, if you say people are at your core.

Employee Recognition at Work Is Key

Doing great work and contributing to the team, even just being on the team, gets stale when you don’t feel seen or valued. This is why employee recognition at work is key. Employee recognition at work is key to employee engagement.

Want people to become disengaged? Simply treat them like they are not there, or like they don’t matter.

Want people to care more, and become more engaged? Figure out how to ramp up employee recognition at work.

It really is that simple.

Of course, there are more elements, and there are pitfalls to an employee recognition system. But you have to have something in place or else you are going to have a bunch of unengaged, disassociated zombies on your payroll.

Back to the Time article, it says that only “23% of employees strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the amount of recognition they receive.”

This should be a priority on every manager and leader’s desk. Figuring employee engagement out can help with your employer brand, retention, job satisfaction, performance and productivity, etc. This is not fluffy stuff, this can make or break your company!

23% gives us a lot of room for improvement. And we want to help. At Snowfly we have multiple ways to increase and facilitate employee recognition, and thus, employee engagement. We have learned through many years and many clients how to create a recognition program that lives past the three week hype, and actually motivates and incentivizes your team. We have learned how to keep your employee engagement program fresh and relevant.

We want to do this with you.

Here’s the easiest way forward: Contact us, let us know you want to see what we are doing, and how we can help you. We’ll get on a call and learn about your unique circumstances. We’ll dig into our experience with other customers, organizations, programs, ideas, etc. and come up with a plan for you. We’ll show you the tools we’ve created, the manager reports and the easy admin functionality, and we’ll help you put together a custom program for your employee recognition and employee engagement initiatives.

All this from one simple call.

Here’s our commitment to you: We don’t sell cookie-cutter software. We care about every single organization that comes our way. We work with you on a program that is right for you and your team, your culture and your needs. Our success comes when your engagement numbers are significantly increased. We do this through employee recognition at work as well as a few other things we have cooked up.

Want to learn more? Reach out here.

Jason Alba

Jason Alba

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