Why is your company called “Snowfly”?

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snowfly offers employee motivational games and incentives rewards programs

Fly fishing is an activity that requires patience, perseverance, and preparation. A successful fly fisherman spends time getting to know as much about the environment surrounding the fish as possible in order to entice the fish to go after an artificial fly. A fly fisherman understands that there is no one single fly which will work in every scenario. Often, even using a fly which exactly resembles the food source the fish are feeding on at that moment, a fly fisherman may still be unsuccessful at catching a fish. Principles of human behavior and effective employee motivation programs aren’t much different.

In the business world, companies annually spend billions of dollars trying to identify the perfect “fly” to motivate their employees to perform desired behaviors which lead to improved results. The problem is that most companies rely upon using one single incentive type and throwing it “back into the water” over and over again without ever considering if the incentive is appropriate for the conditions present in their company at that moment. Rather than having an array of incentives to select from, like a fly fisherman does with flies, most companies focus all of their time and effort looking for the one perfect “fly” that will motivate everyone.

At Snowfly Performance Incentives, we don’t believe in a common reward for all employees for the simple reason that it doesn’t work. Just as fish are enticed by different flies at different times of the year or in different weather conditions, so too are employees motivated in different ways. In fact, the same employee may even be motivated by different incentives throughout his/her career as their own lives change with time. Unfortunately, the myth that there is one incentive reward which works for everyone continues to permeate the business culture.

In fly fishing, there is a legend told of a magical fly which works every time with every fish because it appears to each fish in a different way. This is the story of the “Snowfly,” a mythical insect that hatches very rarely, but when it does, legend says that the fishing is epic. In other words, after you have tried everything else, use the “Snowfly” because it always delivers. Snowfly Performance Incentives likewise always delivers because our approach customizes the incentive process for each company and each individual thereby appealing to each user in a unique and personal way.

Because there is no one-size-fits all solution for employee engagement and incentives (just like there really is no mythical “Snowfly” that works with every fish in every possible condition) the best approach is to strive to understand the motivations and behaviors of your team and customize your rewards and incentive program for your specific business and your individual employees. This is where the expertise of Snowfly Performance Incentives can help.

Our customized consultative approach involves understanding the specific culture and environment of your business in order to create a program that tracks, reports, analyzes, and delivers on the behaviors that are the most important to your unique business. Ours is not an “of the shelf” solution that you must learn how to fit to your needs. Instead, Snowfly employs our suite of proprietary software, 16+ years of experience, and scientifically proven behavior modification and human motivation techniques to create a customized program that fits your needs, your budget, your goals, and ultimately identifies the behaviors which will produce your greatest results.

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