Measure. Reward. Repeat.

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Where other technology vendors apply a limited interpretation to their definition of “gamification” in their tools, Snowfly continues to innovate and prove that our original application of gamification principles is the most effective at producing long-term financial benefits & results.

Individual versus Team-Based Incentives

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“The Effects of Incentives on Workplace Performance: A Meta-Analytic Review of Research Studies” shows that on average, a team incentive program will increase performance by 49% while individual plans increase performance by 19%.  On the surface this looks pretty straight forward, however there is a catch. Over time, team performance incentives …

SUCCESS STORY: Regence 2006 Case Study

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In October 2006, Regence (BCBS in the Pacific NW) began their journey with Snowfly. Ten years later, Regence is still a satisfied customer and continues to benefit from their program which was featured as a Snowfly Case back in November of 2006! “In October 2006 a real-time, automated, behavioral, game-based …