Snowfly Game-Driven Incentive Programs WORK!

Our unique game-driven incentive approach utilized in conjunction with our innovative software application, motivating rewards, and service offerings will enable your organization to create, implement, and manage effective incentive, recognition and reward programs.

Snowfly Gamification Incentive Programs – Applications

Snowfly’s technology, services, rewards and innovative GAME-DRIVEN approach can be utilized for any number of applications including but not limited to those listed below.

Contact Center Performance

Snowfly Programs have PROVEN to be effective when it comes to improving Contact Center KPI’s.

  • Call Quality
  • Adherence to Schedule
  • Average Call Time
  • Sales Conversions
  • Survey Scores

Employee Recognition

Ensure a positive and productive workplace environment by effectively recognizing your workforce.

  • Employee to Employee Recognition Programs
  • Service Awards and Recognition
  • Manager to Staff Recognition
  • Special Achievements and Promotions

Sales Optimization

Employee Incentives have long been utilized to increase sales revenue. Snowfly will create and implement and online incentive program that will inspire your sales force to achieve the goals and activities that are essential to meeting and/or surpassing organizational sales objectives. With your Snowfly-Supported Sales Improvement Incentive Program you can reinforce, recognize and track the following:

  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales Achievements
  • Demonstrating product/service knowledge
  • Cross departmental referrals
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Appointments made/kept
  • Territory expansion

Employee Wellness

Employers have come to the realization that, as the cost of healthcare rises, they need to take new measures and “attack” these costs at the root. These measures have included the implementation of corporate health and wellness improvement programs, which can significantly reduce healthcare as well as related loss of productivity costs.

Snowfly’s online incentive software, services and rewards can be integrated with your organizational wellness program to create a total wellness solution which upon implementation will engage your employees and most importantly, inspire them to achieve their health related goals, which will result in organizational cost savings and productivity improvements.

Service Awards and Recognition

Snowfly’s innovative web-based incentive software application, will enable you to automatically reward your employees when they reach key tenure milestones.

Operational Efficiency

Improve measurable improvements in targeted organizational objectives

  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Improve key productivity measurements
  • Encourage and reward employee development
  • Enhance your training programs
  • Customer Service

Workforce Retention

Improved employee loyalty and retention is a positive byproduct of any well run employee incentive program. However, with your Snowfly designed and supported program you can take it to the next level by specifically targeting and reinforcing employee turnover related activities.

Snowfly founder Dr, Brooks Mitchell is a renowned expert on the subject of employee retention. His vast experience in this area is represented in Snowfly Team Members thus it will be represented in your organizations incentive program.

Workplace Safety

A safety incentive program should be more than simply recognizing employees for avoiding lost-time activities. Your Snowfly incentive system can be designed to improve safety training programs and policies which upon implementation will engage and recognize employees for, among other things, a safe work environment, safe practices, and safe equipment. The result will be an overall improvement in safety thus a reduction in costs related to injury and lost time.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Snowfly-Delivered Programs will build morale and encourage teamwork by giving employees the freedom to nominate their co-workers for company-wide recognition as well as the ability to personally recognized one another

You Tell Us!

Snowfly does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to incentive and recognition programs We will work very closely with your organization and determine the best way to apply our software, rewards and services to create a customized management and reward system based on the following aspects of your organization:

  • Targeted Objectives: Your Company’s Specific Goals
  • Targeted Audience(s)
  • Budget: Your Company’s Desired Investment

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